Friday, May 20, 2011

Shouldn't a "Pediatric" in front of DR imply good with kids?

Okay moms and dads, you paying attention? Good now listen up. If you take your child to a DR, and they behave out of the ordinary from how they usually behave at a DR's office, SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THE DR NOT YOUR CHILD. There is nothing I despise more than someone who spent a million years getting educated to be a special DR that works with children, yet has no patience or skills with children at all. I personally know more than one DR who have no formal pediatric experience whatsoever, and yet they have an amazing ability to make children at ease within minutes. The raw truth here is, if you don't like children, and have no patience for them, DR or not, you should not be working around them. I don't really particularly care how wonderfully patient your staff is, your staff is not who I am there to see, YOU are. You have told my 3 year old to sit still more times than I do in a week, in less than 10 minutes, and said things like "Oh your usually so good I don't know whats wrong with you today". Do you have children DR pediatric specialist? If you do I would imagine you know THREE YEAR OLDS DO NOT SIT STILL. Let me break for a moment to gush as a mom. I have a wonderfully well behaved and super smart 3 year old son. He has been going to specialists since he was 2 years old, 2 different ones, and I have always been very proud of how he acts at his DR appointments, he sits still very well, listens, lets DR's bend his legs backwards and look in his eyes generally without moving such as an inch or two. This is why I bring this up. How is it, that all of a sudden, he started acting out of character for him? It seems to me that children pick up on a lot more than adults give them credit for, and this little guy picked up on DR pediatric specialists bad attitude as soon as DR walked into the room. Maybe DR was having a bad day, I don't know, wont pretend to know, but how is it that I have to let my child be affected by your bad day? Leave your baggage at the door and do your damn job as a DR, and quit being nasty to my 3 year old. Hes been through enough this past year and a half. Next time DR pediatric specialist, momma bear WILL come out, and let me give you a clue about momma bear. She isn't nice. Ask the pediatric allergist who crossed me last month how not nice momma bear is, I bet you already know the answer. Moms and dads are you still with me? I'm about to get to the moral of my little story. The moral of the story is this: You are the parent. I know what your thinking, You already knew that right? I know I know it sounds simple, but its not. You as the parent are the ONLY voice your child has until they find their own. You have to be an advocate for them. Don't be afraid to tell a Dr or a school teacher or a day care provider, NO you WILL do it MY way or we WILL go elsewhere. After all, kids are people too right? I thought you would see it my way.


  1. I think you're singing to the choir in my case hon. I took my now grown up daughter to the dr once at the age of 14, we thought she might have strep and I can't do that test at home. (she didn't) but the dr proceeded to instruct me on, get this...'how to care for a child with a fever' ! I looked at her and old is she? after looking at her chart replied she was 14, I said, yes and her brother is 18....

  2. ...I haven't killed either of them yet so I must have SOME clue as to what I'm doing, and walked out. Going across the parking lot my daughter, who hadn't said a word to that point...was like..."go mom"! She wasnt' used to seeing my like that, at least not in public. lmao