Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cell Phone talkers will be prosecuted.

Dear obnoxious lady walking around the grocery store talking on her cell phone......Oh wait a second, I forgot. Thats me. Well crap, I'M the obnoxious lady talking on her cell phone in the grocery store. Ok ok ok hold up. Why do I HAVE to be obnoxious just because I'm talking on my cell phone while I'm grocery shopping? Why do you have to give me a dirty look like I'm doing something wrong just because I'm chatting to a friend while I pick out my 87 1/2% lean ground beef? You see my dear, cell phones, or "mobile" phones, go WITH people places. Its why they are MOBILE. Why do you give a shit anyways? You do not own the grocery store, there is no sign outside that says "Cell phone talkers will be prosecuted". I'm not shoplifting, I'm having a conversation with a friend. If you do not own a cell phone, fine, thats your choice, and its also your choice not to like what i'm doing. But people, life is a 2 way street. Just as you have the right to not like what i'm doing, such as I have the right to do it without YOU looking at me like i'm committing bodily harm to someone. Alright I'll admit, MAYBE I don't take those corners as good one handed as I do 2 handed, and if I knock into a display of crackers and send em flying, then I deserve the dirty looks, and the snickers and giggles too. Until that happens, lets continue to try and wrap our heads around this don't judge others concept. People ARE going to do things you don't like, that ladies and gentlemen is life. *breaks into song* Thats liiiiiiiiiiife, thats what people sayyyyyyyyyyyyy. If we, as a society, spent less time worrying about what other people are doing, and concentrated on what we ourselves were up too, it would make life just plum easier for everyone. Just imagine it, we could all worry about ourselves and what we are doing, and what other people are doing could just cease to matter. I know I know, what other people do CAN affect what we do, its hard to ignore people, *insert other excuses here* and blah blah blah. Your right, that is true, and when that happens, then you gotta do what you gotta do, and I get that. All i'm saying is take what other people do with a grain of salt, after all does it REALLY matter if that lady in the store (okay ME) is talking on her cell phone? Think about it.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The age of technology and judgement

Would you like to know what the first thing I hear when I get downstairs with my 3 year old is every morning? I know, your thinking "good morning mom", or "hi mommy I love you" or something endearing like that right? Nope. "Mom I wanna play the blues clues game on your puter". *slaps face* I could've had a v8. 3 years old and he navigates the nick jr website like a champ, and plays his, yes HIS iPod touch with utter ease (something his grandfather cant even figure out how to turn on by the way). Now here is where your thinking, here she goes, shes going to ramble on about how technology is ruining our children and blah blah right? Wrong again. You know what else my 3 year old can do? Say his ABC's, count to 20, say his full name and what street he lives on, throw a football better than I can, build a tower that would stop a train with a set of legos, and even read and spell certain small words like cat and dog. Every game he plays on my computer teaches him something new, and he surprises me every day with something else new he has learned. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating violent video games or letting your child zone out in front of a computer screen or TV screen all day, but lets face it, kids learn crap from technology. Its the facts dude. On the website I frequent called Cafe Mom, I see whom I dub "sancti mommies" (I will use this phrase alot) who claim things like "I only let my child have one hour of computer time a day" or tv time or "they can only have their cell phones or iPods for one hour after dinner". GREAT. Good for you. Want a cookie? I let my child play on my computer all the time, watch as much TV as he wants, and his iPod goes everywhere with him, and guess what? he STILL plays outside, reads books, and plays with his Thomas the train wooden railway set and his ten thousand Mr potato head pieces, just like any other kid does. Ladies and gentlemen, here is what it boils down too. Its the age of technology baby, deal with it! If you don't wanna let your kid play the computer all the time great! Good for you! Props and kudos and *sings* all that jazz. Just like everything else in life, we live and learn as we grow. Okay ill give you that twenty years ago our parents played with sticks and rocks and made tree houses in the backyard, and were extremely happy doing so, but can you deny that the more recent generations are well... quite simply, smarter? Maybe we've allowed them to also become LAZIER, but their brains are little sponges. They just SOAK in what we give them!! When you hear a mother say that her child is playing a game on the computer, don't scoff... that very child may very well be learning the foundations of what they need to know to cure cancer, or AIDS, or to discover life on other planets!