Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cell Phone talkers will be prosecuted.

Dear obnoxious lady walking around the grocery store talking on her cell phone......Oh wait a second, I forgot. Thats me. Well crap, I'M the obnoxious lady talking on her cell phone in the grocery store. Ok ok ok hold up. Why do I HAVE to be obnoxious just because I'm talking on my cell phone while I'm grocery shopping? Why do you have to give me a dirty look like I'm doing something wrong just because I'm chatting to a friend while I pick out my 87 1/2% lean ground beef? You see my dear, cell phones, or "mobile" phones, go WITH people places. Its why they are MOBILE. Why do you give a shit anyways? You do not own the grocery store, there is no sign outside that says "Cell phone talkers will be prosecuted". I'm not shoplifting, I'm having a conversation with a friend. If you do not own a cell phone, fine, thats your choice, and its also your choice not to like what i'm doing. But people, life is a 2 way street. Just as you have the right to not like what i'm doing, such as I have the right to do it without YOU looking at me like i'm committing bodily harm to someone. Alright I'll admit, MAYBE I don't take those corners as good one handed as I do 2 handed, and if I knock into a display of crackers and send em flying, then I deserve the dirty looks, and the snickers and giggles too. Until that happens, lets continue to try and wrap our heads around this don't judge others concept. People ARE going to do things you don't like, that ladies and gentlemen is life. *breaks into song* Thats liiiiiiiiiiife, thats what people sayyyyyyyyyyyyy. If we, as a society, spent less time worrying about what other people are doing, and concentrated on what we ourselves were up too, it would make life just plum easier for everyone. Just imagine it, we could all worry about ourselves and what we are doing, and what other people are doing could just cease to matter. I know I know, what other people do CAN affect what we do, its hard to ignore people, *insert other excuses here* and blah blah blah. Your right, that is true, and when that happens, then you gotta do what you gotta do, and I get that. All i'm saying is take what other people do with a grain of salt, after all does it REALLY matter if that lady in the store (okay ME) is talking on her cell phone? Think about it.


  1. I use my head piece just so that I dont run over an old lady while taking a corner

  2. Yeah, I don't care if people talk on their cells in public. However, driving and texting is dangerous and nobody should ever do either.