Thursday, January 26, 2012

I have a question, I expect an answer.

I'm not a super political person. Really I just like the government to stay out of my business and I would sincerely like for the economy not to fall, and gas prices not to skyrocket. Other than that, I don't generally stay ridiculously informed, usually just enough to not feel TOO stupid if I happen to get in an argument. I have a stance on your typical issues but I just don't take too terribly much stock in media and such. Then I started taking this Social Problems class *shout out to my neighbor, who is teaching this awesome class* and I discovered I wasn't quite as informed as I thought. Well crap, that's not really very good is it? So I decided I was going to watch a little more news, starting with this morning. I was determined to at least be a tiny bit more up to date on whats happening in the world. I turned on Fox news (if you have a problem with my choice in news networks you can exit my blog now) when I got up, and began to sit and watch. There was your run of the mill stuff, gas prices, a story about that cruise ship that tipped over (16 deaths, yikes man) and then there was this adorable little girl that called 911 and saved her dads life (amazing right?). Then near the top of the hour, towards the end of the show, there was a story about something that went on between the President of our country, and the Governor of Arizona. They had some kind of argument over how she portrayed him in her book, and they argued, and he walked away from her while she was in mid sentence, right on the tarmac as he came off the airplane. The news anchor had her on the phone, and basically from her point of view, she wrote what she felt was true about him in her book, and he didn't like it. When they greeted each other, he brought it up and she defended herself, in an animated fashion, and before she could finish, he walked away from her. She had wanted to give him a letter she and another person had written, about what I'm not 100% sure, and I'm also not 100% sure if she even got to give him the letter. Now let me first get straight, I am not a fan of our president at all, so I'm sure my preconceived notions about him aren't helping my feelings on this. But. Just because your the President of The United States, does not in ANY way shape or form give you a free "Asshole" pass. Lets take that one step farther. Just because your a world leader does not give you free "Asshole" pass. I know I know, people are jerks. Stuff like this happens every day, as a matter of fact, confrontations like this are becoming more and more common. And that is why The President of our country should set an example for the people he leads, by NOT acting this way. And, as the Governor of one of our states, maybe she should have acted with more decorum as well. I have heard the same argument over and over, that she shouldn't have stuck her finger in his face, and he had a right to walk away. Everyone do me a favor and switch the roles of these two. He has written the book, she feels like shes been portrayed in a bad light and confronts him, he "points his finger in her face" and she walks away mid sentence. Now let me ask, would the Obama supporters that are defending him, now turn and defend her, and not support him? You know as well as I do, the answer is no, they would not. They would say she was wrong for confronting him, and how rude and disrespectful it was for her to walk away from our leader like that, she should have known better. You know it, I know it, and whats worse, they know it. I repeat: JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE A WORLD LEADER DOES NOT GIVE YOU A FREE "ASSHOLE" PASS!! Both of these people should have treated each OTHER with more respect, period. Our president should have had the good sense to know when the appropriate time to bring up her book was, and she should have just let it go and addressed it another time. As it was, that did not happen, and every person alive should have the wherewithal to realize, that the president of The United States does not have a halo around his head. No world leader does, nor does any Governor or other politician. He CAN and DOES do wrong, just like any other normal human being on this planet. Simply "Oh I'm President, its okay" is not an excuse for bad behavior. Hey just take former President Clinton for example. I mean do the words "Monica" and "Lewinsky" mean anything to you? Think about it.
Side note- I am not by any means condemning all Obama supporters to this line of thinking. Only just the ones I came in contact with over this issue today. I don't like to lump people all into one group. I understand that everyone is different, and everyone has different views on things, and that not all Obama supporters share this opinion on the matter at hang.