Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Frenemy: Definition

*cue dark music that plays when a bad guy comes on the movie screen* So we all have one. That one friend that really maybe shouldn't have been your friend in the first place. I know whoever is reading this already has someone in mind, you know who I mean. That one person who you let get away with murder in your friendship while you just.....took it. Okay, so maybe not EVERYONE has that one friend, maybe there are people out there that are strong enough to say HEY knock it the heck off or get the heck out. That however, is not me. Now I know some of you are going, what makes you so great huh?I guess your perfect right? Let me give you a disclaimer before I go on. I by no means am or have EVER claimed to be perfect. Ive done some shitty things and said some shitty things, and sometimes can be a crappy friend. That is not what I'm talking about, what I'm talking about is when someone claiming to be your friend walks all over you for years, and you let it happen. Here is an example. You have just met and started to hang out with this person on a semi regular basis. You have two other friends that you hang with, and you let this other person in on your little threesome (don't be dirty minded sickos), the three of you basically get together every night after work, and this other person starts to join you. You laugh you have fun, you jump in the car and travel places. One day you are the last one to get out of work, and you head over to your friends house where you always meet, only to discover that the 3 of your friends had taken off someplace without you. Why you ask? Because the new friend in the group told the other two you didn't want to hang out tonight because you were tired. A lie. This "friend" lied to your other friends to get you out of the picture, to intentionally leave you out and make you feel like garbage. What do you do about it? Nothing. Don't say a word, don't tell anyone, just put it behind you and move on, while CONTINUING to hang out with this person, like nothing happened. That ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of a frenemy. A friend and an enemy rolled up in one neat little package. I mean sure you had a blast together over the years, tons of good times, probably even more good times then bad, and the good times were some of the best of your life. But. Well lets face the facts, that one first time that something bad happened? That would be enough for some people to ditch this person and never look back, and that? That happened in some way shape or form more than a few times. This person thought it was okay to treat you this way. Yes I know, YOU established the pattern, you overlooked it once and they thought, hey when opportunity knocks you open the door right? My thoughts on how to finish this blog are few, you obviously can tell by reading that this person I am speaking of is indeed real, and that we have had a recent falling out. A falling out for which I got all the blame, and they took absolutely none. I am the big horrible mean bitch because I did one thing "wrong". Forget everything they did to me, no that doesn't matter. Its all me. This hurts. It hurts a lot. Telling everyone that will listen how horrible I am. Getting phone calls from friends making sure we are okay because you are running your pretty little mouth to anyone that will listen. Sitting home watching you have fun with people i'm close too and knowing I will never be invited again, because I had the courage to stand up to you for the first time ever. I had the courage to say ENOUGH. ENOUGH WITH THE BULLSHIT. The sad thing? I gained in this. You lost. Guess that means I win huh?