Friday, April 8, 2011

So I'm a blogger..... right?

So like, I'm a blogger...... right? Wrong. I know your always wrong when you read my blog lol, sucks huh? Anyways I don't see myself as a blog writer, blog writers have topics to write about and they write on a schedule. Me I write about whatever I want whenever I want, some people like it, some don't, no skin off my back either way. Today I was going to write about the ever popular topic on everyones mind, the *gasp* Government Shutdown, but then as I sat here bringing up some Glee music on youtube, it occurred to me. Who REALLY knows whats going on? Like the real unbiased actual facts on whats happening. Guess what? No one does. I mean yeah sure there are big old bad boys and girls in Washington that know whats really going on, but you think they are gonna tell US? Yeah thats gonna happen just about the time Bugs Bunny replaces Obama in the oval office (not that he wouldn't do a better job, but thats another blog for another day). So we can all speculate all we want, but the truth is, there is no reason for it. No one really knows whats going to happen, or if somethings going to happen, and no matter what happens, no one will be able to prevent whatever it is that does or does not happen. The truth is, I'm damn sick of hearing about it. Call me mean, uncaring whatever you want, I would much rather read about the shocker of last nights American Idol elimination then to read one more article or post about the damn Government and how messed up our president is. Sure hes messed up, I personally would rather chew broken glass then hear him utter one word, but dude give it a freakin rest PLEASE. Don't make me beg any more than that, trust me this fat chick on her knees pleading is not as pretty of a sight as it sounds like it might be. So alright maybe I lied when I started writing this, maybe I AM a blogger. People listen up, this will be the PSA of the day from a silly mom: Stop worry so much about what other people are doing, the Government included, and just live your life. 3/4 of the stories we read are based on propaganda anyways (well okay maybe not 3/4 but be real here). Don't misunderstand me, watch the news, be informed, watch Fox CNN MSNBC ABC whatever news you desire, I know I do, but take everything with a grain of salt, take it for what it is and be aware that things are certainly not always what they seem to be. So anyways, about that American Idol elimination.......


  1. Where is the "Bump!" button?

  2. I love the Bugs Bunny comment. Actually if I had to choose between reading about government stuff or Idol? hmmm is there a third choice? oh yeah...I go write on my own blog! I'm not sure anybody is reading mine.